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Note: We have an incredibly helpful hand out available at our store or through email with watering specifications by pot size and season for those who are interested.

Watering Your Garden

Margin Burn

Wide temperature swings and low humidity will dry plants out much faster than people realize. Any time you pick out a new plant you should consider what your garden experiences in June. New plants, one to two years in the ground, will need water everyday in June. New plants, one to two years in the ground, will need water every day in the summer. A five gallon shrub planted in the spring will most likely need water every morning and every afternoon to survive it's first June.

Every summer we have customers bring in leaf samples that show damage from lack of water (see left). The edge of the leaf will be dry and brown, but you can save your plant by increasing the water. The damaged leaf will not return to normal, but the plant will push out new, healthy growth. Established plants may also need additional water during particularly hot summers. Slow, long soaks are recommended to get the water down to the root zone.

Although we receive heavy downpours of rain during the Monsoons, do not stop watering your plants entirely. Often times the water does not soak down far enough into the soil to reach the root system of your plant. For plants with shallower root systems, this is not a problem. For trees and shrubs, however, you may find them becoming dry, even with all of the rain.

Plants in pots dry out much more quickly than plants in the ground because there is less soil to maintain moisture. During the summer, our waterers have to work extremely hard to keep the 15 acres of plants alive and thriving. If you have outdoor plants in pots, especially ones that are located in sunny areas, expect to be watering them three times a day during the summer, and twice a day the rest of the year.