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From Our Garden to Yours

"Here at Verde River Growers, we produce a majority of our annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs, trees, and shrubs. Located in the heart of Cottonwood, right off the Verde River, our establishment covers 15 acres with 1 acre dedicated to 10 greenhouses for bedding plants. Since 2005, the majority of our beautiful, mature plants are raised here, making them capable of thriving throughout the Verde Valley and Northern Arizona. Our plants are acclimatized to our harsh environment, and are more likely to succeed in your yard.

We are truly excited to be able to grow healthier plants with a mindful eye on the environment. While many garden centers have to ship in all of their plants, we are able to cut our carbon emissions by growing locally. We have also been making a switch in insect control by using beneficial insects. We have greatly reduced our chemical use and are moving towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable pest management program. This means that you will occasionally find pest insects on some of our crops, but you will also find predator insects that are controlling unwanted populations. We continue to strive to be the leading source of high quality plants for homeowners, landscapers, and commercial businesses in the Verde Valley and Northern Arizona. Our location and exceptional dedication to growing plants for Northern Arizona offers an advantage to all of our customers."
–Lindsey Curé, General Manager

Family Friendly

We are a family friendly business, with many of our employees having children and grandchildren of their own. In our retail area, we have red wagons to tote both plants and tots as you shop for flowers and shrubs. Any fruits or vegetables that you see are safe to eat as we do not use systemic pesticides on any of our edible plants.

As you shop with your family, we recommend that you and your children wear hats and sunscreen, especially during the summer. You will likely wind up walking quite a bit as there is plenty to see, so we also suggest wearing comfortable shoes. While bringing a full water bottle is recommended, we do have free cups of water at the register.

One of our top priorities is safety. Although most of our property is open for exploration, we are still a farm and there is plenty to trip or slip on. We ask that you and your family stay on our roadways and not venture into our fields alone. If you would like to see a plant in the field, one of our staff members would be more than happy to bring one up for you if it isn't already displayed in our store.

Throughout the year, we will offer fun, educational events and workshops to assist you and your family in attaining your dream garden. From workshops guiding you to create a sustainable garden to seasonal festivals, there is something for everyone. To stay in the loop, you can visit our news page every week.

Pet Friendly

What kind of farm would we be if we did not welcome our fury companions? Your dog is always welcome to come shop with you and mingle with canines and people alike. Our staff love dogs, and even bring their own to work with them, like Peppa (pictured on the left)!

While we are more than happy to have your four-legged friend visit us, for their safety we ask that you keep them on a leash. Cars, trucks, and tractors are common at our farm, so we ask you to keep a close watch on your pets and surroundings.

Water is just as important for your furry companion as it is for you, especially during the summer. We recommend that you bring them a bowl for water while here. You can ask any of our retail or office employees to fill it with water as you shop.

Finally, we ask that you help keep our nursery clean by picking up after your canine companion. All of us receive the call of nature, but no one appreciates stepping in it. Disease is also spread through feces, so for the protection of your pet and other's, we ask that everyone pick up after their dogs while here.

From our family to yours, we want everyone to have a great time at Verde River Growers!