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Special Requests

Here at Verde River Growers, our goal is to help you cultivate and create a successful garden! You have a vision and we want to help you to achieve it. Whether it be the unique accent or the vibrant color that ties everything together, the perfect plant that meets your needs is out there. The only thing left to do is to get it here.

While we do grow the majority of our plants, we do not grow every type of plant. We try to specialize in the varieties that we know will do well in the Verde Valley and Northern Arizona. There are many diverse micro-climates in Arizona, this is why some plants may grow well for your friend in Cottonwood, but struggle in your Sedona garden.

Usually we can get your plant within two weeks. Some plants are seasonal and will not always be available when you first request them, and could even take months to procure.

It never hurts to ask if we can find something!

The Process

  • When requesting a plant, please provide us with the name. If you don't know the name we might be able to figure it out from a picture!
  • When we deliver we will always pick out the best looking plants for you, but we also encourage you to come see them in person. We want our customers to be happy with what they are receiving.
  • We will hold paid plants for two weeks. During that two week period we will care for them, after that time we are not responsible. Small flowering plants should be taken with you at the time purchase.
  • Please make sure we have up to date contact information. If we can't reach you within three days of your plant's arrival we will make the plant available to all of our customers.
  • Please give us 24 hours from the shipment's arrival date for processing. We will contact you once we've taken inventory and determined quality.

  • How does it work?

    Once you've submitted your request, we start our search. In most cases we will not ask for payment before the plant arrives, but specimen plants may require a deposit.

    When orders arrive, our team tags and sets aside requested plants. We do our best to contact everyone and schedule pick up or delivery. Payment can be made over the phone or in person.

    When you come to pick up your plants we will need your name and the name of the plant.

    If you have a landscaper or friend who will be picking up your prepaid plants, please remember to give them your invoice number as it helps us to find your order. On a written invoice, the number will be located on the bottom left corner (see image).